How to Find the Perfect Harness for Your Dog

How to Find the Perfect Harness for Your Dog - Photo 1 - Doghaus Blog

With the longer days and warmer weather comes the opportunity to get out more with your dog. Whether it’s a trip to a dog café or a nap in the park, is your dog equipped with the right apparel for the occasion?

As per Montreal’s animal control by-law, all dogs above 20kg (44lb) within city limits must wear a head halter or body harness when out and about.

Using a harness instead of a collar comes with some major benefits, and shouldn’t be overlooked just because you have a smaller dog! From securing an escape-artist to preventing trauma to the neck or spine from pulling with a collar, a well-fitted harness can be one of the most useful additions to your dog’s life.

Whatever the occasion, our team at Döghaus is always hard at work to bring you the best harnesses out there. Below, we’ve put together some key features of three types of harnesses to help you find the best harness for your needs.

Everyday Walking Harnesses

  • leash attachment points on the back for no-tangle walking
  • ideal for everyday use
  • easy to put on, easy to take off
  • highly adjustable 
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For all-day use, whether it’s a quick jog, playing at the park, or relaxing and smelling the roses, harnesses like the Ruffwear Front Range Harness (pictured above) or the Rogz Utility Step-In Harness (pictured below) are great choices for the dog on the go. These harnesses fit a wide range of sizes, come in a variety of colours, and look great without sacrificing comfort or movement. 

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However, the same design that makes these harnesses safe for any activity with your dog does little to discourage them from pulling.

No-Pull Harnesses

  • front or side leash attachment
  • easy to put on, easy to take off
  • force-free training tool for obedience training while walking
  • discourages pulling
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Front-clip or no-pull harnesses are the go-to solution for excitable, forceful, or inattentive dogs who think that you’re the one being taken for a walk, especially those who like to bolt after anything that moves. Harnesses like the Easy Walk Deluxe Harness (pictured above), Easy Walk Harness, or the JWalker Dog Harness gently redirect your dog’s focus and power with little effort on your part, all without compromising your dog’s movement. Best of all, gently redirecting your dog’s attention actually reinforces good behaviour while walking on a leash, making this an indispensable tool for training leash manners!

Secure & Fashionable Harnesses

  • look fabulous
  • ideal for small dogs
  • back leash attachment point for no-tangle walking
  • secure, comfortable, and safe
How to Find the Perfect Harness for Your Dog - Photo 5 - Doghaus Blog

For the wriggly escape-artists that like to squirm out of collars and other harnesses alike, vest-like harnesses that comfortably contour the neck and chest are the solution to keeping your pup safe and secure – and gorgeous. These include the Buddy Belt Harness (pictured above), RC Pet Cirque Harness, and Pretty Paw Harness. Whatever the brand, these unique harnesses give a stylish appeal to the everyday harness, since they come in a wide variety of prints, styles, and embellishments. But don’t be fooled, these harnesses are still durable, comfortable, and easy to clean – top priorities for the small dog out on the town. 

To get your dog fitted with any of these harnesses or to find out more about which one is best suited for your needs, drop by Döghaus for a visit. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect new harness – for whatever the occasion! 

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