Five Dog Friendly Things to do in Montreal During Your Staycation!

Five Dog Friendly Things to do in Montreal During Your Staycation - Photo 1 - Doghaus Blog

It’s nearly halfway through the summer season and many of us are counting down the days until our vacation begins and we can kick up our feet for those long, dog days of summer. For some of us that means taking off to warmer climates or relaxing at a chalet by the lake, but for others it means spending time with our furry companions—at home!

Don’t fret, though! Vacations at home can be just as relaxing and can provide enriching experiences for all.

Here are five of our top picks for pet-friendly things to do in Montreal to help both you and your dog unwind and make the best of your staycation!

1. Eat out with your pooch

Despite its bad rap, Montreal is taking steps towards becoming more pet friendly. This is in so small part due to the city’s growing number of pet cafés and restaurants. We’ve heard a lot of good things from our customers about two in particular: Ruff Haüs Café Canin & Le Doggy Café!

If you want to fill up on some delicious comfort food but don’t want your pup to miss out, Ruff Haüs is the place to be. Dishes include “Pup Poutine” and “Pupcakes”—and that’s just the dog menu!

If you’re more so in need of a quick pick-me-up after a long stroll in the Plateau and a place to watch your dog play off-leash, Le Doggy Café will suit your needs. They not only serve up a delicious vegan and vegetarian menu, but offer workshops, classes, and even host adoption days.

2. Take a drive and stretch your legs

We all need to stretch out legs after a good meal at one of Montreal’s increasing number of dog-friendly restaurants, and what better place to do it than at some of the best parks within driving distance of the city.

Our favourite, for those who want ample room and beautiful scenery, is Angell Woods. Located in Beaconsfield in 210 acres of old growth forest, it has easy trails for all shapes and sizes of dogs.

For those looking at embarking on a day-long trip with their dogs, Oka National Park recently opened limited access to dogs on a number of trails and campsites, becoming one of the first in Quebec to do so! Although a little further out, Oka is sure to let you and your dog reconnect with nature and enjoy the best of what summer in Canada has to offer.

Five Dog Friendly Things to do in Montreal During Your Staycation - Photo 2 - Doghaus Blog

3. Enjoy Montreal’s famed green spaces

We might not always take advantage of it, but Montreal has some of the most spacious and dog-accessible parks available in bigger cities. If you’re looking for some greenery closer to home, our city never fails to offer up beautiful on- and off-leash sites for you and your dog to relax and breathe in the fresh air.

Our list would be incomplete without Mount Royal Park. With 692 acres of trails, footpaths, fields, and even a lake to boast, it’s no wonder it’s a favourite.

But we also can’t overlook the Lachine Canal, where you can walk your pup on-leash from LaSalle to the Old Port along the designated path. If the hunger arises, you can also drop in to the outside portion of the Atwater Market with your dog—not even a five minute walk from the Canal.

If you were looking for an off-leash escape in the neighbourhood, Girouard Park has its own dog park, including a separate area for small dogs to play. Located at the corner of Rue Sherbrooke and Avenue Girouard, it’s right up the street from us!

Five Dog Friendly Things to do in Montreal During Your Staycation - Photo 3 - Doghaus Blog

4. Come visit us at Doghaus!

Of course, don’t forget to drop in for a visit at Döghaus! We promise all the free hugs, water, and even some cookies for our wonderful friends. Enjoy the air conditioning, sit out front in our spacious Adirondack chairs, and make some new furry friends.

Five Dog Friendly Things to do in Montreal During Your Staycation - Photo 4 - Doghaus Blog

5. Take a stroll around town with your pup

Lastly, don’t be shy to ask if your canine (or feline) companion is welcome in any kind of establishment. We’re always pleasantly surprised at how many stores, banks, cafés, and salons are happy to welcome you and your dog into their business. Some even keep a jar of cookies behind the counter for just such an occasion! Trust us, we’ve been bringing our dogs (and even our cats) with us everywhere we can for years!

Five Dog Friendly Things to do in Montreal During Your Staycation - Photo 5 - Doghaus Blog

Always remember to have a water bottle and bowl on hand to keep your pup well hydrated during your outings. And if you discover any dog- or cat-friendly places to visit this summer, let us know! We’ll be happy to hear what you’ve been up to.

Happy adventuring!

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