Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Grooming At Döghaus

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Grooming At Doghaus - Photo 1 - Doghaus Blog

Spring is in the air and along with that comes mud, fur, dirt, and all sorts of messy things! And with summer just around the corner, it’s officially time to book your grooming appointment here at Döghaus!

But have you ever wondered what’s involved in your dog’s Spaw Day? Or how best to prepare for their next appointment, from puppyhood onwards?

Here to help answer some your most frequently asked questions are the wonderful ladies that make up our Döghaus grooming team: Halley, Roxy, Jenny, and Alex.

Q: To start off with a big question, what’s involved in grooming dogs?

Halley: For one, Grooming is more than just brushing and bathing. Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy – and it’s not just good for your dog’s physical health: it’s good for their emotional wellbeing, too!

Roxy: That’s true. Pet grooming is a considerable part of the healthcare of your animal. It effectively involves the maintenance of their coat, and the cleaning of their ears, eyes, teeth and nails.

Jenny: And depending on the breed, grooming includes many things. We work with your dogs much like your hair dresser works with you: clipping, scissoring, washing, blow drying, etc. Unlike hairdressers however, our clients do not always understand that grooming is good for them! And they’re very rarely brushed and washed as frequently as us humans – which means a lot more brushing, scrubbing, and trimming. Plus, dogs cannot always understand our directions. Grooming definitely takes a certain understanding between your groomer, dog and yourself.

Q: A lot of people are surprised at the time it takes to groom a dog. Why does it take as long as it does?

Roxy: The length of time grooming a dog depends primarily on the condition of the coat/fur when brought in. When the coat is short, all that is needed is a quick, efficient shampoo, simple blow-dry, ear cleaning and nail clipping, then your pet is good to go!

Jenny: Plus, at Döghaus, dogs are not groomed one at a time from start to finish. The dogs are rotated from prep (brushing and bathing), to drying, and then to finishing (clipping, scissoring, remaining undercoat removal). This allows for breaks for the dog and groomer to avoid long periods of standing or being restrained. 

Halley: This rotation makes for a less stressful grooming experience, for both groomers and dogs, because of the rest periods.

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Q: People with breeds like Doodles or Shih Tzus know that regular grooming is an essential part of their dog’s wellbeing. But is grooming important for breeds like Huskies, Dobermans, or other breeds and breed mixes that don’t need their coats cut?

Alex: Grooming is important for maintaining a healthy coat and skin in all breeds. Although grooming may not be required as regularly for a Doberman as it is a Shih Tzu, the fact remains that regular grooming for all breeds is beneficial. Keep in mind that grooming isn’t just about clipping hair and bathing – regular nail trims and ear cleaning are essential in maintaining good health and comfort in your pets.

Roxy: Grooming is essential for all breeds!

Jenny: Double coated breeds greatly benefit from ear cleaning, nail trims and undercoat removal. Bathing for these breeds is not required as frequently (2-4 months) but is still important for skin and hair health, and overall condition. For certain longer-haired and/or double-coated breeds like Golden Retrievers, Spaniels, Setters etc., it’s essential to brush, comb, and trim, otherwise long hairs will become matted and make your pet uncomfortable and dirty.

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Q: A lot of people mention that their dogs are difficult to groom at home, from trimming nails to giving baths to brushing them regularly. How do you manage it all during a grooming session?

Jenny: We are teachers in your dogs eyes: your dog responds to us differently knowing they are at the grooming salon for a specific reason.

Roxy: And for owners having trouble brushing, bathing or clipping nails at home, we still applaud you for making the effort! But remember: we’ve had years of training and experience and have lots patience and affection, so we manage to have the animals cooperate (even if for a little bit) to help us through.

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Q: Is there a good time or method to start getting a dog involved in the grooming process?

Jenny: As soon as possible when you get the dog, even at home. 

Roxy: Good point. Animals adapt quickly, especially when introduced to something at a young age. Grooming noises at home can help, as well as propping a puppy on a table or flat surface, gently blowing a hairdryer around them (making sure to not blow directly on the animal), handling the feet and legs (such as lightly massaging the front and back legs, down to their little padded feet and toes). The feet and legs are generally very sensitive areas for animals, so the more they are manipulated with positive reinforcement, the less the dogs will react. We begin our Puppy Intro for puppies under five months of age (involving a shampoo, brush-out, nail clip, eye cleaning, and feet and bum hair trim) to ease their experience into the world of grooming, and introduce them to the big tub, grooming table, blow dryer, and even being brushed – depending on how often that’s done at home.

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Q: For some dogs, being dropped off at an unfamiliar place can be stressful. What can someone do in advance to help their dog feel more comfortable?

Jenny: Bring your dog in for positive, short visits before a full groom, stick to one groomer for consistency, and exercise them before dropping them off.

Roxy: Right, it’s all about giving your dog a chance to get familiarized with where they’re going and what they’re doing.

Q: There are so many grooming styles to choose from, how does someone know what’s the best option for their dog?

Roxy: It’s not always easy to know what style of haircut you would like for your dog! A lot of people look up options online, and check different breeds or dogs with similar coat/fur textures and lengths. Asking the groomer is also beneficial, as sometimes the groomer may even ask questions or suggest options you may not have thought of.

Jenny: Don’t be shy to communicate with your groomer!

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Q: For people on a budget, what are your recommendations for keeping dogs clean and tidy between visits?

Jenny: Shaving or clipping short to extend the time between grooms is what I’d recommend. Learning how to brush, cut nails and clean ears for all breeds at home can also save cost, and we can always help you out there. 

Q: Is there anything people should do in preparation before dropping their dog off for a grooming appointment at Döghaus?

Roxy: We understand that many people who have early grooming appointments are rushing to get to work, but what would help us is if your dog is walked and has had a chance to do their business before arriving.

Jenny: And people can always ask for specific grooming tips or information when making their appointment. The staff is always very helpful.

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Q: What do you wish every dog parent knew about grooming?

Alex: Grooming isn’t only meant to be done by groomers. Pet parents should be doing their part at home on a regular basis, as well. We are always here to help you and can guide you on which tools to use and how to use them. We love your pets and want them to be happy, healthy, and comfortable!

Jenny: That’s true. And I wish every pet parent knew the importance of having their dog groomed frequently for more than just aesthetics. Regular grooming is essential for a healthy and comfortable animal. Every pet parent should and can provide grooming for their pets, even at home. And I wish pet parents knew that it’s not only their groomer’s job to groom their pets, and that any maintenance at home can greatly help us as the groomer and even more importantly help their pets understand and cooperate with us when they’re in for a grooming appointment!

Halley: And regular grooming can make living with your dog so much more pleasant! It helps to reduce dander and shedding, and is an essential process in maintaining good health.

Roxy: We groomers do what we have to do to keep a dog healthy and clean, and so we suggest only what we feel is best for you and your pet. A comfy, clean happy dog tends to get more smooches and cuddles, which helps bond all family members!

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