DIY Howloween Costume: Monster Dog!

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 1 - Doghaus Blog

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One of the hardest parts of Halloween is choosing the perfect costume, but for those of us with pets that problem is even worse. Not only do we have to deliberate on what to wear for ourselves, but also what costumes our pets will be sporting!

Whether you’re on a budget, want an original costume, or just want to get your hands a little dirty with some DIY, we’ve come up with a spooky and adorable costume for the monsters in your life.

These can all be made with things found around your house, so be creative!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • thread & needle or glue
  • green fabric (for the body)
  • white fabric (for the teeth – you can just as easily use one of our white Döghaus paper bags!)
  • beige fabric (for the spikes)
  • two (or more) ping pong balls (googly eyes work, as well as eyes from your dog’s collection of tattered stuffed toys)
  • lots of your dog’s favourite cookies!

The easiest fabrics to use are ones that are a little stiff and keep their own shape, like felt. Any of these colours can also be substituted for your own choice.

Step 1:

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 2 - Doghaus Blog

Loosely measure around your dog’s head, and again from the stop of their nose to the nape of their neck. Then sketch out a triangle with those dimensions and add an extra 2” to the shorter side. Cut it out.

Then sew or glue 4″ straps (shorter or longer depending on the size of your dog) to the corners of the fabric so that you can tie the fabric securely around your dog’s head. Or, if you have enough fabric to make it all from one piece, leave in extra fabric on either end as you cut your triangle. 

Step 2:

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 3 - Doghaus Blog

Cut out a row of jagged teeth. They should be long enough to cover at least the distance between your dog’s ears, and have a lip thick enough to attach to the green fabric. 

Then slide the teeth so that only the jagged part of the teeth stick out, and centre them on the forehead. Sew or glue into place. 

OPTIONAL: Add ear slits to the green fabric. This is a better option for dogs with upright ears.

Step 3:

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 4 - Doghaus Blog

Cut small triangles of varying sizes into the beige fabric. Mark the centre of the green fabric with a pen or pencil to ensure a straight line (although, staggered spikes could be just as cute!). Then glue or sew the flaps onto the green fabric.

OPTIONAL: For floppy fabrics, sew or glue a border into place to help keep the spikes upright. 

Step 4:

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 5 - Doghaus Blog

Mark down where you want to set the eyes, then sew or glue them into place. If you’re using blank ping pong balls, don’t forget to draw in the eyes. A simple cross or black dot will do.

You’ve created a monster!

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 6 - Doghaus Blog

For those that don’t have the time or patience to make your own costumes from scratch, don’t worry! We’ll be carrying a selection of comical, spooky, and adorable pet costumes this year, so drop in and have a look!

As always, keep your animals safe throughout these upcoming holidays.

And Happy Halloween!

DIY Howloween Costume Monster Dog - Photo 7 - Doghaus Blog
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