DIY Halloween Costume: Bat Wings

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 1 - Doghaus Blog

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than by transforming your creature of the night into none other than… a creature of the night! 

These bat wings are spooky and fitting for any high-flying, night-prowling cat, but allow for a lot of mobility and are as comfortable as wearing a harness. You can make them as realistic as you want, but we of course had to go for the cute kind!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • thread & needle or glue
  • black fabric (old pants or shirts work well)
  • pipe cleaners (any colour) or thin wire
  • a patient cat
  • lots of your cat’s favourite treats!

Step 1:

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 2 - Doghaus Blog

Sketch out the shape of your bat wings directly onto the black fabric. Leave a square big enough to cover your cat’s shoulders between the two wings.

Step 2:

Cut the wing shapes. Remember, you only have to draw one wing and fold it over to trace and cut out an exact copy of it. Cut out four wings in all. 

Step 3:

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 3 - Doghaus Blog

Take a long wire and contour the upper portion of two of the wings, leaving a small gap near the edge. You can sew these wires loosely in place, glue them, or even duct tape them on (they won’t be visible in the final product).

Add shorter wires down the middle to give the wings extra support.

Step 4:

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 4 - Doghaus Blog

Take the two remaining wing cutouts and place them over the wings with the wire frame. Sew them together along the outer edge. 

Step 5:

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 5 - Doghaus Blog

Measure around your cat’s chest right behind their front legs, and again around around their neck. Then, cut a shape from another piece of black fabric in the shape of a sideways H, like a makeshift harness. The bottom strip should match the measurement around your cat’s chest, the top should match the measurement around your cat’s neck

Add a button, velcro, or any clasp of your choice at both ends where the strips overlap. You can also add extra length to be able to tie the pieces together. 

Step 6:

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 6 - Doghaus Blog

Overlap both wings and place them onto the makeshift harness. Sew or glue them into place. If you need extra support, you can add a cardboard panel in between the layers of fabric.

Voilà! You have a winged cat!

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 7 - Doghaus Blog

For those that don’t have the time or patience to make your own costumes from scratch, don’t worry! We’ll be carrying a selection of comical, spooky, and adorable pet costumes this year, so drop in and have a look!

As always, keep your animals safe throughout these upcoming holidays.

And Happy Halloween!

DIY Halloween Costume Bat Wings - Photo 8 - Doghaus Blog
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