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Navigate COVID-19 with your furry companions. Get essential tips for living with pets during the pandemic and ensure their well-being.
Discover the art of grooming at Döghaus from our professionals and learn how best to prepare for dog's next appointment, from puppyhood and onwards.
Explore the ultimate holiday gift guide for dog lovers, featuring a curated selection of thoughtful and festive gift ideas for your furry friends.
Ensure proper pet care in hot weather with these essential tips, and keep your dogs and cats cool and safe during the summer heat for their overall well-being.
A flashback to 2018 as the Döghaus team parades in Montreal, and adds to a vibrant Saint Patrick's Day spirit with joyful celebrations and memorable moments.
Discover the heartwarming reasons why we adore our Döghaus community, and celebrate the love, support, and shared passion for dogs that brings us all together.
Discover the Döghaus Holiday Gift Guide, which features curated presents for the season, and ensure you find the perfect gifts for your furry companions.
Unleash fun in Montreal during your staycation with dog-friendly activities, including parks and pet-friendly attractions for an unforgettable experience!
Safeguard your cats & dogs during Canada 150 celebrations with essential fireworks safety tips, ensuring their comfort and security throughout the festivities.